• Row

    This is a product that uses wedge wires that are wound in a spiral. Reflections on the layered mesh part create the beauty of light and shadow. It expands the horizon of material limitations by fusing industrial parts with a brass finish. Simple yet stylish, it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product that has a long life.
    This iconic fixture of STUDIO ROW, adds a focal point to the space.

  • Mother

    This fixture, as the name implies, expresses the eternal love and happiness of a mother holding her baby. By combining exposed hardware and faux leather, this fixture makes an impression of fashionability and softness.


Our Philosophy

  • Diabolo

    DIABOLO is one of juggling tool. The inspiration for this fixture is the diabolo, spinning in the air. Its shape is like two bowls connected that make a rhythmic and iconic impression by hanging with faux leather.

  • Musubi

    This is a product using “Kumi-Himo" by Ryu-Kobo. “Kumi-Himo” is a traditional Japanese craft. This product directly expresses the various meanings contained in braiding, such as 'tie the knot’ and ‘connecting people’. Musubi introduces a new fusion of tradition and modern design.

    Collaboration with Ryu-Kobo
    Ryu-Kobo is a long-established workshop founded in Nihonbashi, Tokyo in 1963. They have been developing Kumi-Himo techniques for over 130 years. Ryu-Kobo’s obijume has been loved by the Imperial family, the kabuki world, and the tea ceremony world.


Our Showroom

  • Dunia

    DUNIA means ‘world’ in Indonesian. This product, which uses natural marble from all over the world, emits light from the back of the stone with an organic “EL” light source, creating a mysterious world that can’t be realized from original stone.